Strategic Plan – 2013 through 2015


Membership value, relevancy, advocacy, potency


The preeminent advocate for REALTORS®, property owners and property  rights in Marin County.


The Marin Association of REALTORS® provides its members with the resources to advance professionalism and enforce ethical standards, while protecting private property rights.


Marin REALTORS®:  "Protecting Private Property Rights"


  1. Establish and maintain a coalition/partnership with the county's property  owners.
  2. Provide relevant programs and services that are valued by members.
  3. Promote the importance, benefits and advantages of the REALTOR® brand to our members and the public and generate contributions to the REALTOR® Action Fund.
  4. Effectively communicate our activities and advocacy victories to our members and the public.


  1. Be vigilant about and respond immediately to threats and opportunities for REALTORS®, property owners and property rights.
  2. Identify and create opportunities to help achieve the goals of this plan.







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