What You Need to Know About The State's June 15th Reopening

Published Thursday, June 10, 2021

Key Information About California's June 15th Reopening


The state of California is set to fully re-open the economy on Tuesday, June 15th. Though real estate has been open and operating throughout COVID-19, the reopening is anticipated to bring some noticeable changes to real estate operations, most notably showings and open houses. A summary of key changes is below. We expect to receive more information as June 15th gets closer.




Changes to Showings

- No sign-in requirements, no posted rules of entry, no more PEAD forms after 6/15

- Masks not required if everyone is fully vaccinated - however, mask are required if someone is unvaccinated.

- No cleaning requirements

- No physical distancing requirements


Changes to Open Houses

- No physical distancing requirements

- No PEAD or sign-in requirements

- No posted rules of entry

- No tier-driven capacity limits

- Masks are required of all attendees regardless of vaccination status


Important Note

- The seller can set their own rules as to who will be admitted to the property. They can require that everyone wear a mask. They can even demand that all people entering be vaccinated or show a negative COVID test. Just obtain the seller's instructions in writing. Your office may require that the listing be formally amended. 


View the Quick Guide here

View the Q&A here (C.A.R login required)


C.A.R. also recently hosted a Legal Live webinar covering the June 15th reopening. Click here to watch a replay (C.A.R login required)


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