How to Avoid Common Mistakes in the Mill Valley RBR Process

Published Sunday, November 28, 2021

Avoid Transaction Headaches by Steering Clear of These Common Mistakes in the Mill Valley RBR Process


  1. Unknown jurisdiction of listing:
    1. Agents are unsure of the jurisdiction for listings. Go to or the City of Mill Valley's website to determine if the property is within Mill Valley City Limits.
  2. Not following the instructions for the RBR process. If you have questions or are unsure of any part of the process, these resources can help you successfully navigate the process:
    1. Mill Valley RBR Instructions
    2. Mill Valley RBR Tutorial
  3. Not entering the number of units on the parcel.
    1. Even if there is only one unit, our system still requires a number to be entered. (This is called out in the tutorial)
    2. If there are multiple addresses on one parcel only one application should be submitted with a unit count matching the legal number of units on the property.
  4. Duplicate applications by agents and owners.
    1. At this time, the City of Mill Valley is requesting that you ONLY apply for a resale inspection online. Tthey have received several online applications after a property owner has applied via email. These duplicate applications can cause delays due to refunds and confusion over who would like to be the applicant.

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