Marin County Coronavirus FAQs: Real Estate

Published Monday, April 6, 2020


Quoting directly from the Marin County HHS Coronavirus Page:

Can real estate agents show residences in person? Or if I just closed on a home, can I do a walk-through of the home with the agent or seller?

Generally, no. Real estate agents, escrow agents, and other service providers that facilitate residential transactions like home sales and apartment rentals are essential workers, but all appointments and viewings must happen virtually (via video or livestream). Only if a virtual viewing is not possible, then in-person showings can occur by appointment with no more than two visitors at a time from the same household, and only one agent showing the unit. In-person showings or walk-throughs are not allowed when the occupant is still living in the residence.


Are moving companies allowed to continue operating while this Order is in place?

Moving companies may continue to assist with necessary residential moves under this Order, since maintaining an available housing supply and keeping people sheltered is essential to the health and safety of the public. Moving companies may also continue to assist with necessary commercial moves that ensure essential businesses as defined under the Order may continue operating. Non-essential residential or commercial moves, as well as any moves for non-essential businesses, should be deferred to minimize risk of transmission.


Will the County still be accepting residential Building Permit and Development applications?

Yes. Further information about the modified operations of the Building Division and Planning Division during this emergency are available here:


Can notaries public continue to operate?



I run an “Essential Business,” as defined by the new Order. Do I need to get an official letter of authorization from the County to operate a facility in the County?

No. If your business is covered in the list of essential businesses in the Order, then you may operate your business from a facility in the County so long as you create, post, and implement a Social Distancing Protocol for each facility using the template attached to the Order. You do not need to obtain any specific authorization from the County to run your business. The County does not issue written determinations or authorizations.


What assistance is the county providing for tenants in residential or commercial property?

The emergency resolution prevents residents and business owners from being evicted because of a sudden loss of income tied to the COVID-19 pandemic. This ban is in effect countywide in every city, town, and unincorporated area of Marin County and lasts until May 31, 2020, unless extended by the Board of Supervisors. For more information and FAQs visit:


Is the deadline for property taxes extended?

Throughout Marin County, 120 local public agencies rely on property tax revenues to maintain essential public services, especially during the current COVID-19 public health crisis. Friday, April 10, remains the final day to pay the 2019-2020 second installment of property taxes without penalty. Please read this press release for more information.


Does the Rental Moratorium apply to rent due April 1?

The resolution does apply to rent due April 1. However, the resolution does not provide for rent forgiveness. Tenants will still be required to pay all rent owed when the resolution expires.


Does the Rental Moratorium protect people who are subletting?

This is a complicated question with a bit of nuance. Our Housing and Federal Grants Division staff members would be better equipped to answer your question. They can be reached at 415-473-7309.

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