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Updated Larkspur Fire Inspection Resale Requirement

The City of Larkspur has amended their resale inspection ordinance to include a separate fire department residential resale inspection and report on all single-family dwellings listed for sale within the Larkspur City limits and incorporated Greenbrae beginning February 15, 2020. The City of Larskpur and Central Marin Fire Department staff have shared the following steps that will assist you in ordering/requesting a fire resale inspection.
The Central Marin Fire Department has updated their website with more detail on the ordinance. You can view it here.
  • When a customer orders a building resale inspection they will need to be advised by the Building Department that a fire resale inspection will also be required.
  • Fire resale inspection is ordered and paid for through the Central Marin Fire Department's website at
  • Inspection is conducted within 7-10 business days.
  • A report will be sent to the agent/property owner and the Larkspur Building Dept.
  • If violations are found, they will need to be corrected within 30 days.
  • A re-inspection will occur after 30 days, or sooner if the violations are corrected.
  • A new report will be issued stating that the property is in compliance with defensible space requirements.
  • If no violations are found, a report stating that the property is in compliance will be sent to the agent/property owner and the Building Dept.
  • More information can be found in the fire department flyer here


Fire Inspectors will be checking for the following items during the inspection:

  • All properties are required to meet the flammable vegetation clearance requirements of PRC 4291 and Ca Gov Code 51189. California Fire Code Sections 4907.2 & 4908.
  • Maintenance of “Defensible Space” for a distance of 100-150 feet (or to the property line) from all structures is required. This includes clearance of all accumulated dead vegetation on the property.
  • Removal of all fire-prone vegetation within 30' structures, up to 150 feet when topographical or combustible vegetation types necessitate removal. Examples of fire prone species include but are not limited to juniper, bamboo, fountain grasses, French and scotch broom. 
  • Any tree limbs extending within 10 feet of a chimney outlet, or 6 feet from the roof, must be removed.
  • Trees adjacent to or overhanging a building must be completely free of dead wood.
  • Address numbers must be plainly visible and legible from the road fronting the property. Numbers must be at least 4 inches tall and a color that contrasts with their background (an address number painted on a curb is not acceptable).
  • Combustible vegetation must be cleared within 10 feet (horizontally) of roadways and/or driveways, and 15 feet of overhead clearance must be provided.
  • A spark arrestor of heavy wire mesh with openings between 3/8 and 1/2 inch is required on all chimneys.
  • Additional items may be required for compliance with state law or local ordinances related to wildfire hazards upon inspection.
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