COVID-19 Resale Inspection Matrix

Municipality Type of Inspection Comments
Central Marin Fire Fire Resale Inspection The Central Marin Fire District will make every attempt to keep real estate businesses operational while keeping fire district employee safety a priority. 7-10 day turn-around times for inspections may be extended to longer, which is dependent on fire district availability.
Corte Madera   The town will continue to accept new building permits online only. The town will only issue permits for essential construction. Click here for more information.
Fairfax Resale Inspection Fairfax will not be doing resale inspections until the order is lifted. Click here for website
Larkspur Resale Inspection

Click here for Larkspur Resale Information

City website

Mill Valley Fire Inspections Related to Building Inspection Residential Building Reports do not qualify as “Essential Infrastructure” and “Essential Businesses” and will be suspended at the present time. Click here for website 
Novato Resale Inspections

Beginning July 20, 2020, all applications for a Resale Report will again involve a physical inspection.

Special COVID Protocols will need to be performed prior to, and during the inspection, verified by a signed Certification of Inspection. Download the Certification of Inspection here. Certification must be submitted via email to (or call 415-899-8921) prior to the inspection. View the full protocol here.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, home must be vacant at least 24 hours prior (unless there are extenuating circumstances), only one person may accompany the inspector. All surfaces in the home, and accessory structure(s) (if applicable) must be thoroughly disinfected, as well as exterior items such as access to pool equipment, A/C condensers, and electrical components.

Other key points of the protocols are; whoever accompanies City staff must wear a mask, stay at least 6’ away, has not been exposed to anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, and of course has not been diagnosed with COVID-19. All documentation will be passed electronically. Click here for the full procedure.

With the resumption of the physical inspection, the fees associated will return to those prior to the first Shelter in Place order in March, as approved by City Council and specified in the Fee Schedule: $274.00 for Single Family, $236.00 for a condo/townhome, $219.00 for a vacant property, $311.00 for a duplex and SFD with an accessory dwelling unit ($274.00 plus $37.00). Multi-family properties (3 units or more) are $236.00 for the first unit, $37.00 for each additional unit 

Click here for more information.

Ross Resale Inspection Not conducting re-sale inspections at this time
Ross Valley Fire Resale Inspection Fire resale inspections are still being completed. Our inspections are exterior only. If the inspection is not urgent we request that you postpone until a later date.
San Anselmo Resale Inspection  In the process of implementing a self-certification program for all Resale inspections, while the Shelter in Place order is in place. Click here for website
San Rafael Resale Inspection
Click here for San Rafael resale inspection information.
Sausalito Residential Building Report  Sausalito is continuing to issue residential building reports 
Tiburon   Tiburon is temporarily offering virtual resale inspections through the FaceTime app. Click here for Tiburon resale information
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